Sometimes my arms bend back

Sam Pink says that I can use him as a character in a story I’m going to write. I will write it tomorrow. When it is done someone will publish it. I will love them. Sam will hate them.

I have been drinking.

My weird gimmicky ebay thing is still getting some bids.

People are reading this.

Tao Lin ate my soul.

I want to rape myself, but I can’t figure out how.

Future Tense books is sending me review copies. I am excited about this.

My new dog keeps devouring boxes of Triscuits because I forget to put them up high.

Rimbaud was a coffee broker. What the fuck?

My Ebay auction is viral in a slow witted, little kid way.

I am drunk.

I love you all.

I am following Punky Brewster on twitter.

There’s a rumor that HTML Giant is going to mention my whorish Ebay auction.


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  1. Bid on that auction. It is genius. Tao Lin level genius.


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