What’s all this then?

First off, Chicken Boy is sexy. I suggest this to all.

What am I up to?

This whole Ebay auction selling the chance to be a character in an upcoming novel is obviously a tacky gimmick (thanks to Tao Lin for inspiring it), but my reasons may be more complex than most people will think.

There is the obvious monetary motive. I’m not going to get rich off this thing (I figure top price possible is around a hundred bucks, right now it is around $20 something), but I will make a couple of bucks. There’s also a secondary way that this profits me (maybe): whoever wins the auction will have friends and family that may want to buy the book because a loved one is in it. That could equal an extra 10 to 20 copies sold (maybe 20 to 40 dollars in my pocket). Plus, if this auction generates any internet buzz (what an annoying term) that could drive a few sales too. I could maybe end up making $200 more than I otherwise would have from the book due to my weird pimping technique. There is also the chance that (were “buzz” to occur) it could entice some small press (Mumu House? Social Disease? Eraserhead?) to take interest in the book and maybe set up an advance deal with me (this seems unlikely).

The big reason I’m doing this, though, has nothing to do with the paltry sums of money I could make. It is simply that I work best under pressure. I want, want, to write a new novel. But at the moment I have no drive. I’m banging out poetry and flash stories and weird vignettes, but no novel. When this auction ends I must write a novel in less than a year. I will have no choice. In college I was never able to write a paper until the last two days before it was due. This is like that.

The novel will be good. I have the idea, but once I know who wins will have to figure out how to work them into it. I can do that.

I don’t think any of this makes me evil. If you don’t hate me, consider spreading the word about this auction. As I said in an earlier post, you could win a stack of free books. They are good books. It will be stuff I have gotten as review copies and some stuff from my personal collection.

also alphainventions

My gimmick is starting to get mentioned in a few blogs. Plus Target Audience Magazine mentioned it!

Some other mentions:

here, here,here, here

This got tweeted.

And another tweet

Even more tweets.

maybe that “internet buzz” is starting?

Brad Green has mentioned this on Facebook

yet more tweeting about this

I created a special blog for Ebay: The Novel



  1. I wish you the best of luck nathan. You should be getting your books published by independent publishers anyway, you’re an extremely better writer than most in this literary movement, your 100 times better than me and your better than most bizarro writers.
    Bizarro is easy, but making a story which is really intriguing, scary and worth-while is hard.


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