This may be lost

I tossed this in the middle of an earlier, disjointed post. People may not have noticed it, so I am giving it it’s own home:

I want to do an Ebay auction. The winner gets to be a major character in a novel I will write. The winner will have to provide me with their name, a photo of themselves, a description of their personality and mannerisms, a bio (background info and such). I will write the novel and guarantee publication within one year of the end of the auction. Then they will also receive a free copy of the book.

If, in the comments, more than three people tell me that this is a good idea, I will do it. Chime in, please.


So far 1 person is in favor.

Help a brother out. Tell me what you think.



  1. That’s a good idea, original too. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone doing an auction like this.


  2. Kill the pigs and ebay your soul


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