Did I inspire Tao Lin?

A while back I posted about Tao Lin selling his Myspace account on Ebay. In the comments section of his blog I suggested that I would like to buy it, then sell it on Ebay. I would actually buy it from myself under a fake name. At the time that I posted that, the bidding had mostly stopped.

Then one lone bidder began bidding, and outbidding himself to drive the price up to $8,100. That bidder won the auction.

Everyone seems to assume that Tao bought the account himself. So do I. And I think I may have accidentally inspired this bit of ironic genius.

On another note, more self googling led me to this.

Here’s an excerpt:

Regular Magazine of the Dead contributor James Horn sat down with MotD Contributor and then columnist Nathan Tyree to converse about fiction, essay, eradication and other conspicuous topics. The following is a machine of that talk. James Horn: So, how father you been?Nathan Tyree: Roughly close-knit to eradication, I guestimate. You be familiar with? How with you?JH: Okay. It’s all up and downs but no arc. NT: You working on anything admissible?JH: Right things being what they are I’m essay a report with people having genital intercourse with everyday amputees.

Lustig, and it’s darned admissible. I’m reading a mug sketch of a changed hard-cover around Z. Very bizarre. What’s it called again?NT: Stygiophilia. Tell me with your changed hard-cover. JH: What’s it with?NT: Self wiping distant. Self hatred.

It goes on for a long time and only gets better.



  1. Yes. Yes you did.


  2. I blow weasels


  3. ha! something about that post on Html G sounded familiar.


    • I never saw the HTMLG Post. It was zipped before I got to read it. Sad


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