Team Sports

Mother’s day is coming. I don’t think that I can take that.

I wrote a poem about Raymond Chandler. I like crime fiction (I’m no snob). Chandler, Hammett, Jim Thompson, Elmore Leonard, James Elroy and Ed McBain are the best crime writers, as far as I can tell. Jim Thompson is especially good. He managed to get in some real insights about human nature in the middle of the violent action. The Grifters, Pop 1280 and The Killer Inside Me are the best of his novels. Kubrick loved him too. On that subject, Kubrick was a genius. Fuck you if you think otherwise.

This chick I know, cute little skinny thing that I fucked a couple of times, got her nipples pierced. She showed me the other day. This girl has tiny little tits. They barely exist. I like tiny titties. I also like huge, massive boobs. Medium sized tits are nice as well. Women come in all shapes and sizes and I love them all. I used to do it with this heavy chick. It was a casual thing. She bucked like a wild mustang. I just love women.

A liter of Wild Turkey does not last long.

I may have the swine flu.

Sasha Grey is a slut. I like sluts.

I really want to do it with a Pentecostal girl. I want to pull up her denim skirt and feel her unshaven legs around me and her long hair in my face. I want to make her dirty. Maybe this is a sickness.

I want to speak in sound bites and buzz words and create a new version of Ulysses based entirely on the career of Dan Brown. Then I want to skin Dan Brown and eat him.

I watched The Happening. It had nothing to do with 60’s hippie drug parties. I was very upset. I’m re-reading the short stories of T.C. Boyle. I like Boyle a lot. I prefer the short stories to the novels. The novels sometimes wander, and try too hard to be funny. His short work is more brutal; more sincere. He gets right down to the bone.

I don’t care for team sports.

That thing about the swine flu was a lie.



  1. yay for tits.
    i dont know about a lot of things you write, but i like reading them.

    i had my eyebrow pierced, but it rebelled and escaped, leaving me with a scar.

    i felt like it took my eyebrow’s virginity.


    • I have tattoos, but the only things I ever got pierced were my ears. Eyebrow virginity is a concept I will have to ponder for hours now.


  2. sasha grey is not a slut.


    • Maybe that was wishful thinking on my part


  3. […] Nathan Tyree thinks Sasha Gray is a slut. […]


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