Rip Torn

I . My brain isn’t right. The dogs are barking. Night is coming, or going, or confusion or something. I’m writing this tonight but wont post it until tomorrow. I don’t think the meds are working. I’ve been in a terrible manic state all night. The tremors are back too. Empty eyes in the dark. Fuck you, this shirt is sexy. I do not, for a single instant, believe in writer’s block. Ask Barton Fink. He knows. I keep sending out submissions without editing them. I know that it’s stupid, but I can’t concentrate long enough to rewrite what I’ve already written. If Dorothy Parker was still alive I would find her and beg her to go out with me. I want to fuck Dorothy Parker so bad that I can hardly stand it. I’m in love with her.

Bruce Dern was cool. Is cool still, I guess. Rip Torn has the coolest name ever.

The liquor store was out of Maker’s Mark, so I bought Wild Turkey. I haven’t had WT since I was fifteen, and I’m not the same person now that I was then, so I decided to try it. Flavor wise it isn’t bad, but here is a residual burn that could leave scars.

I’m watching The Sopranos over again. I wish I was in the Mafia. Of at least Amway.

I don’t know where this was going.

Oh- and it looks like there will be a cool reading at The KGB Bar featuring Lincoln Michel, Rozalia Jovanovic, Kimberly King Parsons, Justin Taylor, Nicolle Elizabeth, Tao Lin*, Nick Antosca, Todd Zuniga, Dennis DiClaudio, John Madera, Timmy Waldron, Forrest Roth, Terese Svoboda, Barry Graham, Dawn Raffel, Sasha Graybosch, Eric Nusbaum and more.. I loves me the KGB.



  1. this is not my favorite, but it could’ve been if you mentioned tits.

    i bought a bottle of makers once because i was trying to impress a boy.

    i still have it.

    nobody was impressed.

    i was manic, like, a month ago. I looked it up on dictionary dot com. the definition fit to a T.


  2. Damn it. I can’t believe I forgot to mention tits


  3. i don’t know why i love this, but i do.


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