Sex and Poop

Gustaf (that super cool magazine from Norway), as well as using one of my strange poems in their new issue, has interviewed me. You can read the interview here. And be sure to check out that sexy photo… is that me? No one can be sure.


My brain feels all itchy.

Plus, a buddy of mine asks ‘what day is it?.



  1. good interview, nate.

    thanks for commenting on my IR story. yeah, sucks they’re closing. I’ve been told they’ve closed before though so maybe they’ll be back (as Ellen Parker said) to close again.

    i keep forgetting to mention i lived in Ks for years. Near Overland Park in a litle place called Prairie Village. Bringing back some memories!


  2. Wow. your site updated like a transformer. or something.

    i like the design. still trying to figure out how to replace the top image with a self-selected one. its impossible.

    and you look very much like ‘pac. I mean, seriously. he could be your brother.


  3. I guess the folks at Gustaf were going to use a pic of Nate Dogg, but he isn’t well known in Norway, so Tupac was the obvious choice.


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