Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Bret Easton Ellis, Nathan Tyree

I googled myself. It sounds dirty, but it isn’t. It is masturbatory, though. I found a lot of stuff, but the most interesting was this thing

THIS IS NOT AN EXIT is an exhibition of new drawings that have been two years in the making. The work has it’s roots in the existential and Absurdist theoretical ideas that are proposed in the writings of Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Bret Easton Ellis and Nathan Tyree…The drawings do not directly relate to the narratives that are presented in the writings of these authors, rather, they look at the broader existential and absurd idea of an individual in a uncommon world….

Boutwell Draper Gallery, 82-84 George Street Redfern Sydney
Exhibition opens 02 April 2009 6.00PM – 9.00PM

So, some artist was in some fashion or manner inspired by little old me, and even seems to equate me with Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Bret Easton Ellis? Really.

My dick just got hard.

This person’s name is Teo Treloar. I googled them (that’s less masturbatory). Seems that they have had a lot of shows and exhibitions.

You can see the drawings here.

and here.


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  1. ha! how random you came across my post.
    I wish I could claim credit of the text, but it was a copy + paste straight from the facebook event the artist had set up, which I’m assuming he wrote.

    Guess you’ve got a big fan there.


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