The Bukowski of Horror?

Some Fellow named William Russell (who has written a book called The Space Trucker’s Dossier- which I haven’t read, but soon will) had the following to say about my novel, Stygiophilia:

The Bukowski of Horror

21 Feb 2009

by William Russell

If you like your paranormal mixed with the hardcore brutal realities of everyday life, then Stygiophilia is the book for you, A fast paced, no filler, ninety-eight page descent into the personal hell of one mans life–a life complete with all the hedonistic pleasures that desire brings–along with all the guilt.

As the narrator unconsciously plows through the wreckage of his day to day life, he can’t seem to shake the memory of a horrific event that happened years before–an event that taints every aspect of his quest for pleasure and pain.

Be forewarned, this is not for the faint-of-heart. If you’re looking for a fun filled, feel good ride into the world of the macabre–you’re in for a surprise. This is more like a brutal, explicit car-jacking into the horrors of human nature and you’re forced to come along for the ride.

While the overly explicit and self loathing tone of the subject matter could get old, fast–if done by an amateur–Mr. Tyree handles it like a true professional and knows when to get in and get out. The strength of the book is the writing: tight, concise sentence structure, smooth flowing dialogue and solid, fluff-less paragraphs: all of which moves the story along at a break-neck pace and makes you forget you’re merely reading a book and not having a screwed-up friend volunteer too much info after a late night pub crawl.

Overall, an excellent book worth recommending to all your friends, and enemies.


I may be in love with this guy

Get it here, or here, or here.


I like cheese.


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