Bradley Sands in a genius

On his blog, Bradley Sands suggested a way to deal with his writer’s block. He asked people to give him writing prompts. The idea was, suggest something for him to write about, then he would and then give it to the suggester’s e-zine, magaine, blogzine, website, whatever.

I am impressed.

I would like to do the same.

Tell me what to write about. I will write it. If you have a magazine, journal. ezine, blogzine, webiste, newsletter, anything, I will send it to you and you can publishs it (if you want to). Post ideas, prompts, etc in comments…

Be sure to leave an emaila addy..

and, because I’m a whore Whore-ness.



  1. i like mr. sands as well.

    writing prompts are fun. i’ll give you one, you give me one.

    “nathan tyree met xTx at the summit, plans were made…”

    go ahead


  2. Okay, here’s yours:

    A group of catfish discover existentialism

    my email is

    give me yours and we can exchange our results on like say tuesday….


  3. yay! sounds good!

    (she says…googling ‘existentialsim’….)


  4. I like the name of this entry.

    I’m not doing it because of writer’s block. I’m doing it because of lack of motivation. Writer’s block never lasts for long, especially if I work off outlines.


  5. I just realized I am in a genius rather than a genius. I like that too. I blame the pain in my head for the misreading.


  6. You are, indeed, in a genius.

    Thanks for stopping by my weird little corner


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