Four things that you need to know

I just stumbled on Gigantic magazine. This looks promising.

I suggest everyone read this, by Janey Smith.

I put it off way too long, but now I’m reading Creamy Bullets by Kevin Sampsell. I’m very impressed so far. A review should be coming soon.

My penis is quite angry about the entire wine situation.



  1. one fell swoop:

    alpha inventions is interesting. except if you wish to use it, you must continuously do that “post where you drop a name about alpha” to use its service.

    i scoured the site to see how to put myself on its beach-comb, to no avail. i emailed, no response. i am really just curious now as how this thing friggin works than getting traffic.

    re Gigantic Magazine: I submitted some visual poems. But I think I turned them off, because I mentioned how much I enjoyed their publication, but they have yet to be published. I meant I enjoyed the snippet-previews they posted in regards to their magazine. And then I mentioned a Young poem they linked too that I stumbled upon last month, and it seemed as if I were saying I found it in their magazine last month.

    Well in short, it was a foot in mouth cluster fuck. Or the pitfalls of the internet. Miscommunicae.


    This turned out longer than I pre-empted.

    But yeah, I kinda wanna marry Gigantic magazine in a ceremony including some weed, some alcohol, and some hookers — all of which I won’t partake in but figure it’ll add somethin interesting to the whole precedings… can you dig?


  2. Yes, I can dig.

    I’m still trying to figure out what to send to Gigantic. It seems like everything of mine that I like is currently out somewhere… oh the misery


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