How I Write

Someone keeps stealing my blood. I have less and less each day. That’s not what I want to write about, though. The thing I want to write about is writing (how fucking dull is that, huh?). This is my system:

I turn on my laptop and look through some old porn. Eventually, I open up word and stare at the ocean of white for several minutes. Then I turn on the TV and flip through the stations. Nothing is on, so I stare at the blank white for a while longer. I get up to pour a drink, get to the kitchen and realize that I’ve forgotten what I went to the kitchen for, turn around get all the way back to the living room and remember that I am sober. Back to the kitchen, fix a drink, walk back to my spot, see the white and wonder why the fuck I bother.

Three or four drinks later I start to type. At first without really knowing what the hell I’m writing about. Eventually something starts to take shape. Then, I get a rhythm and the words flow- for a while.

Then I get too drunk to type, try to remember to save what I was working on, and turn off the computer.

I wonder if Bukowski did it this way.

Other stuff:

The Legendary, a zine I like (and that had the good taste to publish me a while back) has been reviewed at HTML Giant: right fucking here.

The snow came and went.



  1. i write a lot like that too. especially the sea of white and the drinking and porn parts and taking shape parts

    the legendary is nice. nice enough to publish me anyway….


  2. been a while since i read such a great post. thanks to xtx for the share.


  3. “the legendary is nice. nice enough to publish me anyway….”

    I just read your story there. I enjoyed it very much


  4. thanks NT, yours was awesome sauce as well.


  5. Nate – sorry I’m late to the party.

    Aside from the alcohol, with a suitable replacement being Red Bull, my work in general reflects this – quite possibly the Red Bull getting me ripped off my face that life passes by too quickly – those hours pass by like fly wing flaps.

    Buzz buzz. Holy flapping fly wings, Batman: I Just lost another two fucking hours….!



    • Hey, welcome.

      Red Bull fucks me all up. I have to be careful with that stuff or I bounce from wall to wall like a superball


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