What Sartre says about Man’s Essence

I don’t have much to talk about today. The neighbor’s dog, a sweet Golden Retriever named Buddy (which I insist is an acronym for Big Ugly Dumb Dog Yeller) who has always been friendly to the cats, attacked one today. He grabbed her and shook her. Right now she is at the vets office being treated for shock and possible internal injuries; so, that was a fun morning.

And now, for your entertainment, a free poem:

What Sartre says about Man’s Essence
by Nathan Tyree

Sartre says that I have nothing to live up to.
It would be different, he says, if we were spoons
or hammers, but we’re not. We’re just men.
I wish he’d shut the hell up and
let me get on with business.
Business, at the moment,
consists of assaulting my liver and kidneys with scotch.


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