Meghan McCain

I’m going to stick up for Meghan McCain. She’s John McCain’s daughter (and I’m no fan of John McCain) and a Republican (and I despise the Republican party and all that it stands for). Ms McCain writes a politics column for The Beast. I’m not sure what she said to raise the ire of Republican wacko Laura Ingraham, but good old Laura referred to Meghan as a “plus size model” or some such, then went on to belittle her opinions on that score.

Meghan apparently told Laura to “kiss my fat ass”. I say way to go, kid. While Ms McCain’s ideas and opinions may be wrongheaded (I say “may be” because in this instance I’m not clear on what her opinion was), her weight and appearance have nothing to do with her ability to deliver cogent political opinions. It seems like right wingers have no ideas, and must always resort to personal attacks in place of logical argument.

Laura Ingraham should get back to sucking Rush Limbaugh’s cock or whatever it was that she did to get famous.


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