I don’t have much to post about today (but have promised myself that I would try to post something nearly every day). One thing of note, Right Hand Pointing has a new story by David Erlewine that certainly deserves to be read. It’s short, but a bit like a punch to the gut: Vague Recollection. The same issue has a great new poem by Howie Good. If you aren’t reading Howie Good, you should be. Seriously, folks.



  1. Nate, that’s really cool of you to say. Thanks man. David


  2. The story made me think of Richard Christian Matheson a bit.


  3. I’ll have to check him out. I’m criminally and pathetically underread.


  4. His dad, Richard Matheson, wrote a ton of Twighlught Zone episodes and I am Legend. The son writes these very short, very tough stories. The collection that hit me was called (I think) Scars and other distinguishing marks. I think that it is out of print, but worth searching out. Some of the stories have the effect of taking a pleasant walk and suddenly being hit in the gut with a sledge hammer.


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