Two things.

I very much recommend Chris Killen’s new novel, The Bird Room. It’s strange and lovely and a pleasure to read. Go forth and find a copy right away.

I have a morning routine. It involves xanax, bourbon, a shot glass, a half pint of blood, two cigarettes, the New York Times and some poker chips. Don’t ask for more details than that.



  1. sweet morning routine, man, and thanks for commenting on my Kitty Snacks story. Really appreciated that. And, yeah, the Ron Howard-Max Baer has vexed me for years…I need to let it go.


    • It was a good story. I hope to see more of your work about soon.


  2. Thanks man. Had to laugh b/c just read Blake’s top 4 peeves on HG and the first one was referring to writing as work. I refer to writing as work every day, probably five times most days. Anyway, nice to be in touch. David


  3. I always call it work to avoid saying “short stories, poems, prose poems, novellas, novels, essays, reviews, etc.” which just seems too cumbersome. I’m lazy. And yet, it never feels like work.


  4. (laugh) I hear that. I’m the same way. I had a piece up in Elimae that my father insisted was a prose poem. I said, uh, actually it’s fiction and wouldn’t you know it … he said, uh it’s a prose poem. I said nothing b/c of the bud/bud light thing.


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